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Presented below you will find a step by step procedure of how to execute a hotel booking by means of Ogólnopolskie Centrum Rezerwacji Hotelia. If a problem occurs in the process of booking please let us know at: rezerwacja@hotelia.pl or call Biuro Obsługi Klienta at: +(4822) 815 48 98.


At the www.hotelinfopoland.com homepage (fig. 1) please select the city where the hotel is located, the number of persons and beds in the room, the arrival and departure dates, the currency in which the price of the stay should be displayed and, after completing the above information, click “search”.

After a while the system will present a list of hotels available at the time brackets selected by you (fig. 2). If a hotel photo is clicked on, detailed information on the hotel will be displayed. In order to book the hotel click the “book” button.


After clicking the “book” button the system transfers you to the booking form (fig. 3). On the left side of the form the data on the selected hotel is displayed as well as the total price to be paid. On the right side all required gaps should be completed (it is worth registering at Hotelia, the system will then feed your data automatically).


In the “Special requirements” field you may state your requirements concerning the hotel stay or present other requests e.g. issuing an invoice. Having completed the fields please select the means of payment choosing between a credit card and transfer.

 Having selected payment by credit card (or other card that is suitable for on-line payments) the system will automatically transfer you to the site of PolCard transaction clearing company (fig. 4). This step is necessary for the security of your credit card.


When completing the form particular attention should be paid to:
- selecting the right kind of credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD…)
- credit card number field (the 16-digit card number should be entered one digit after another, without any pauses between digits)
- credit card expiry date field (month first, then year)
- CVV/CVC number field (a special number securing your credit card which is most often inscribed as the last three digits in a credit card – in such a case the credit card number consists of 19 digits) (fig. 5).


The CVV2/CVC2 code are the last three digits to be found on the payment card reverse, on the stripe on which your singature is put.

- CVV2/CVC2 code verification ensures higher security of Internet transactions and limits the possibility of using other person’s cards on the Web when shopping.

- CVV2/CVC2 code is only to be found on your card and in the IT system of the card issuing bank. The code is neither printed on receipts from POS electonic terminals nor is it to be found in any other places.

- CVV2/CVC2 code was created having in mind the security of card holders executing transactions without phisically using the card thus also Internet transactions.

- CVV2/CVC2 code verification is a common standard worldwide.

After successful authorization of the credit card the system will automatically transfer you to the Hotelia Centre which will be the last step in the booking process.

Within a few minutes you will receive an automatic booking confirmation and a hotel voucher. If within 30 minutes (with confirmation transactions the wait time may be up to 12 hours) the confirmation or the voucher do not reach the e-mail address indicated by you, please let us know about it at: rezerwacja@hotelia.pl or call Biuro Obsługi Klienta at: +(4822) 815 48 98

If you have selected payment by transfer, print the transfer form that has been automatically completed and follow instructions on the screen.

ATTENTION: If a problem occurs in the booking process, please let us know about it at: rezerwacja@hotelia.pl or call Biuro Obsługi Klienta at: +(4822) 815 48 98

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